Now that our seasons are up and running, we wanted to share this wonderful article as a little reminder of how to do it right.  Whether you call it a Breakfast or a Supper, it’s an important part of hunting. Read this lovely article written by Rita Mae Brown about the formidable queen of “The Hunt Breakfast” Granny Hahn. We should all aspire to carry on her fine Breakfast traditions.


Tell us if you have ever hosted and what your favorite traditions are.  Chasing a Fox is getting ready for our annual Hunt Supper and we would love to add something new.

Happy Hunting everyone!




Susan aboard Sage and me riding Sir Thomas

We thought we would share this clip of the Myopia Horse show.  I of course, am aboard Sir Thomas Pink the only gray in the bunch.  This was a such a big deal for me, as you know just recently getting back on a horse since my accident, nevermind sideways.  After a lot of mental gymnastics and a glass of wine I once again put on my Big Girl pants (or my crazy pants) and went into the ring with all my friends.  I had to do it, how many times in my life am I going to have the opportunity to be entered in a side-saddle class with Susan Oakes.  There was a lot of heavy breathing going on as you will see in the video and even a little crying too.  After we had finished our canter to the left, I was so happy with Thomas I started to cry.  Don’t you just love when your horse allows you to concentrate on your riding and they take care of the rest?  My ride was far from perfect, but we won an acceptable 6th out of eight.  I’ll take that any day, even though I really wanted fifth, the pink ribbon would have looked lovely on Thomas!

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did, as you all should know by now I’m not a horse show gal, but I’ll do it again next year to support my hunt.

Our season started on Thursday; I’ll be taking you all along with me!






Sissi aboard Sir Thomas Pink

I know I’ve been going on and on about my vest dilemma, but it is finally over.  I am happy to report I don’t just like, but I LOVE my Point Two air jacket.  http://bit.ly/2c3B19s  This past weekend I had the pleasure of riding in the Myopia Horse Show with Sir Thomas and thought I rocked my vest.  The picture above is me in the appointments class; you know what that means.  Proper, Proper, Proper, everything from no saddle pad to no pads in my stirrups and here I was in my shad-belly coat and my Point Two.  The judge made a comment to me that put me at ease.  She said she was glad to see a vest in the show ring, not just on the eventers.  My hope is that vests become as common as safety helmets.  I now have the confidence to move forward and enjoy my new horse out hunting.  Thank you Point Two for offering such an amazing product!


Works great over a habit too!

We start Cubbing next week and you won’t believe what I have.  Tee-Hee-Hee,  you’ll have to wait and see, but let me just say your gonna want one of those too!!



Whoa, who knew this would be so much fun and so informative?  I picked Susan up at the airport on Friday with her Chasing a Fox mascot; boy, is he getting around.  He was just in the Horse Illustrated September issue!


Anyway, I digress.  I had to zip back to the barn to meet up with a rider coming in with her horse from New York for the clinic.  Lucky for me, my good friends were at the barn cause she beat me back.  With her, all settled in we headed to dinner.  I had organized a small dinner for the ladies riding in the clinic at a local restaurant where we all met and had a great time.

The next morning Susan and I had to go back to the airport to pick up our friend Stephanie Boyer the owner of Grey Lake Stables, who Chasing a Fox put the clinic on with.  After a quick lunch, we headed over for Susan to look at The Myopia Schooling Field.  Susan started the clinic out in our Polo Arena and moved everyone pretty quickly outside.  I was so proud of all the ladies; everyone jumped everything…..sooooo crazy.

Ashley and susan

Ashely and Susan

angela greer jumping.

Angela on her horse Lily

Sam and Milo

Sam and Milo

Day one of the clinic was a huge success, and we headed over to Myopia for dinner at the club.  Thank you to one of our joint masters Kim Cutler for hosting us for dinner and giving everyone a very informative history lesson on the club.

Sunday I was up early going to see just how dirty Sir Thomas was.  Of course, he needed a bath before the clinic, so he was nice and cool to start, he was still a little damp…..Poor Mr. Pink had never jumped before so I asked Susan to take him for a spin.

Squeal, Susan sat on my pony!!!  When I got on him, he was perfectly tuned up and ready to go.  Unfortunately, I was so busy organizing and running around; it’s almost like I wasn’t there.  There are no pictures of me actually riding accept a group one at the end of my lesson…..I hate when that happens.  Oh, well, maybe next time.

jess and fiona

Jess and Fiona-love the look on her face, she’s so calm.  Looks like she’s sitting on the couch.

maryell and chunky

Mary Ellen and Chunky Photo Credit: Carla Skinder

In the end, we all graduated from the Susan Oakes Side Saddle Training Academy.  She taught us some great tricks that you could only learn at one of her clinics, so if you ever have the opportunity don’t miss it!

clinic gratuation

As you can see, we had a wonderful time and are so grateful that Susan and Stephanie made the trip! Now I have to buy a frame to hang up my diploma!



FB_IMG_1461624249381 (1)

Chasing a Fox flew down to Virginia to attend the National Sporting Library and Museum’s Sidesaddle Chase Awards Ceremony. http://bit.ly/2bkOiO4 We went to support our good friend Mary Musheno on her winning the United States High-Point Rider award.  Mary was number two overall behind Susan Oakes who won all three races. It was lovely to get together with this wonderful group of like minded women to celebrate a truly inspiring sport.

Our first order of business was to check out the new Side Saddle Cafe. http://bit.ly/2bBBVxA (which was pretty cool!)  One of our favorite parts was the kitschy paintings on the bathroom doors.  (Can you guess who they are?)

The most exciting part of the weekend was the awards ceremony.  Our dear friend Kim, who owns Middy n’ Me worked tirelessly on a sidesaddle collection just for the occasion.  The fashions will be available soon online, and we will be sure to post with a link when they are.  I don’t even know where to start because I want it all!!!  I was lucky to be asked to model the Sir Thomas Pink Skirt which I was drooling over.

middy n me

The Sir Thomas Pink skirt, The Valentine skirt, and The Maureen skirt.

The fashion show was a huge success. As you will see in the following videos, It was so wonderful that Cathi Grove lost her mind and stole the whole thing.  (She looks like an upstanding citizen until…)

cathi grove

She stuffed the mannequins and collection in her car.  I chased her down, but with stacked heels, a fancy purse and a still recovering broken back, I wasn’t very fast!!

As if she didn’t have enough, she wanted the Amy tunic that I was wearing.  Before I knew what was happening she whipped off her shoes, came running at me and threw me over her shoulder.  (She is a firefighter in real life.)  With my feet hanging out the window, she proceeded to drive through Middleburg laughing her head off!   OMG, that was so funny, I almost wet my pants!  It’s all fun and games till someone gets kidnapped.

Eventually, Cathi brought everything back, and we went over to The Salamander Resort and Spa for dinner.  We were so loud laughing that when Amy Magee showed up, she could hear us from the front door.

We headed back to the cabin to pack things up.  I guess I bought more than I should have.  I had to lay on my suitcase to get it closed.sissi laying on suitcase

Needless to say, we had a wonderful weekend.  The only things missing were Susan Oakes, who won the whole series and Stephanie Boyer who lent her Fort Henry, who she rode like she stole him!

Susan High Hope

Until we meet again on November 6th at the Pennsylvania Hunt Cup Races.  (Which has added a sidesaddle race!)

Kick on!


Popsicle Headache



That’s right, I’ve had a popsicle headache thinking about my dilemma of buying the right vest for me.  After months of trying to wade through the process of how to be “safe” on my horse. I have finally decided where I will be at least on my way to feeling comfortable.

I have been borrowing a friends “safety vest” while I figured the whole thing out.  After I had started my research, I realized the vest I was borrowing was not even rated……OMG, I may as well have just ridden in my t-shirt.  Well, maybe not that bad, but definitely not the protection I am looking for.

I have read almost everything I could find and talked to absolutely everyone who would humor me with my constant conversation.  I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a vest.  I decided the only thing I could do was to think about it like I was buying a car.  What has the best safety ratings and what would I put my kids in.  In the end, it was a no-brainer, I’m going to be riding in a Point Two Hunter Air Jacket.

As you all know, since my accident I’ve had to look at riding in a whole new light.  I know there is always a certain amount of risk that goes along with this sport. But having the right safety equipment will at least help protect me more than nothing which is what I was wearing before.  I mean, I would never get on my horse without my helmet so now I won’t get on without a vest.

Now, I’m eagerly waiting by the mailbox for my vest.  Hopefully, my popsicle headache will go away.  I’ll tell you all about it when it arrives and what I think.

Until next time, be safe and kick on!



clinic flyer

If you are going to be anywhere near us on August 20th or 21st you should come.  We have been so lucky to get to know Susan, and we cannot say enough about how wonderful she is.  We are all going to be in Virginia the weekend of August 13th, and we asked Susan if she would come stay with us and do a clinic before she went back to Ireland and she said “YES!”   She and our other gal pal Stephanie Boyer who owns Grey Lake Stables with her soon-to-be husband Ivan Dowling will be jetting in on Friday the 20th and staying with us for the weekend! (Ivan, by the way, was the Huntsman for Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds for over a decade!)  Grey Lake Stables http://bit.ly/29St0bA is a lovely farm in Unionville, PA where they train and sell quality foxhunters, timber racing horses and retrain off-the-track thoroughbreds.

If you don’t realize what a unique opportunity this really is, here are just a couple of other things Susan has done….

In addition to her world records, Susan Oakes’ other numerous accomplishments include:

  • Won the Irish Hunt Horse competition riding Croboy Rambo.
  • Represented Ireland numerous times eventing at junior level.
  • Rode side saddle in two movies, including Lassie.
  • Set the world record for side saddle jumping at 6’5” over the triple bar.
  • Set a world record for jumping side saddle on a Connemara pony over a puissance wall at 1.35m.
  • First woman to open an international puissance competition by jumping the puissance wall aside.
  • Won the inaugural running of the “Dianas of the Chase” side saddle race in England (with a bitless bridle).
  • First jockey, male or female, to win a race over three miles and 15 fences in a bitless bridle.
  • Rode in the world-famous La Touché cup at the Punchestown Racecourse twice.
  • Represented Ireland in the world Arab racing series.
  • Organized two record setting gatherings for ladies hunting side saddle, with 50 ladies in 2013 with Meath Hunt and 62 ladies in 2014 with the Tara Harriers Hunt.
  • Master of the Grallagh Harriers Hunt in Ireland from 2013 – 2016.
  • Rode aside in the inaugural 170th reenactment steeplechase race from Doneraile to Buttevant.
  • Took 2nd place in the first ever running of a side saddle flat race in Wincanton, UK.
  • Participated in a side saddle jumping display at the opening ceremony of the European Championships in Aachen, Germany in 2015 with 50,000 guests in attendance.
  • Holds the astride Irish ladies’ puissance record. So, we’re just saying, she’s done some stuff!!!

So, we’re just sayin, she’s got some street cred!!!

Here are the details for the clinic!

second page of ss flyer


We hope you can join us for all or part of this!  There is also a rumor that Middy N’ Me will be coming for the weekend too.   let’s see, the last time we were all together it took me a month to recuperate and we will be hanging in Virginia the weekend before too….look out!

Make your plans!!!!!



hands appointments class

We love when you write to us with fun questions.  One of you wrote: “Why do we leave the bottom button of our vest undone?

This was the only picture I could find of me that has a good shot of the bottom of my vest.  This photo was taken on a really hot day as I was waiting to go into an appointments class.  (I know my hunt whip should be facing backward.) My friend had just handed it to me (remember I had a little case of heat stroke.)  I had switched it before I went into the ring!

Anyway, this is what we have been told about the button question.  The tradition started after one of the Kings got fat and couldn’t do his up.  Since he couldn’t, no one else could either!!  We would love to hear any other stories you have been told about the bottom button.  We love this stuff!!

If you didn’t already know to leave your bottom button undone, now you do.  Just remember to leave it that way, you never know when you might run into the King!



Introducing THOMAS PINK, one of my favorite tailors, and my new horse!

So it’s official.  I have a new horse, and I have to be honest, I’m in uncharted waters.  (Not because I have a horse, cause I’ve always had one of those.)  I am 48 years old and until about a month ago, I have never, ever, ever even sat on a gray horse never mind been responsible for keeping one clean.  I need everyone’s help.  I need your tips and tricks on keeping one tidy…….I really have no clue.  Imagine, how could I be so naive?

Every morning I get to the barn, and there he is standing there in all his stained glory!  I add more shavings to his stall, but it doesn’t matter he is still a mess.  I don’t even want to think about Hunt season.  It was hard enough getting to the meet on time having a chestnut or bay horse; I may have to sleep at the barn!

It feels great to be back in the saddle on such a sweet horse!  Hopefully, you all can help me figure out how to keep this guy clean.  Let me in on your gray horse hacks; #thestruggleisreal




{Photo courtesy of Nature of Light Photography, all rights reserved}

For those of you, that follow us here at Chasing a Fox.  You are probably wondering where my new pony Big Chief is. Well after he took the long ride from Aiken to get to me for his “semi-retirement” it occurred to us it was time for him to retire for real.  So with heavy hearts, we loaded him back on a Fairway Trucking rig on Thursday and sent him off to Virginia where he will live out the rest of his days eating grass and loving life!

So now for the rest of the story.  When I returned from Kentucky a few weeks ago, I walked into the barn, and this adorable gray popped his head out of a stall to greet me.  He was so cute, and he was hanging out with Big Cheif and his other friend Shorty.  My good friend Kathy (who by the way is a roper) told me this guy had been brought in for a dressage rider to try out.  Really, he’s a dressage horse?  He is part of a roping team, and he is the head horse.  That means his rider ropes the cows head while his partner ropes the feet.  There is also a rumor that he was a pick-up horse at a rodeo.  A pick-up horse is a horse that catches the Broncs after the rider falls off.  Well, evidently this horse does it all.  I can attest to that because he went hunting for the first time last week and look at the snaffle in his mouth and he was PERFECTION!

Anyway, my big conundrum is all about the safety equipment.  As you all have probably figured out by now, I am a true old school traditionalist.  No room for change from tradition and here I find myself wearing a safety vest.  What has made this transition a little easier is that my racing sidesaddle friends all wear them over their habits, and they still look lovely.  We want to know what your thoughts are on the safety vest.  Do you wear one, if you do what kind do you wear and do you wear it over your coat or under……so much for my poor little brain to digest.  Breaking your back is no joke, and I am taking this change very seriously, please tell me your thoughts!